Vacation Rentals in Oregon

Finding the right vacation rentals in Oregon can be quite a task even if you know the state well. To make it easier for you to find a vacation home rental in Oregon I have put this page together so you can just click on the areas that are of interest to you.

On these pages you will find a selection of vacation home rentals. Vacation homes are available for two people to 20 people.

Rent a vacation home for a week or two and have the whole family gather together. By sharing the cost, it can be a cheap vacation for everyone. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even in-laws will have the time of their life. The children will fondly remember these times when they were growing up. The time Grandma fell in the lake. The day Uncle Charlie stepped in the yellow jackets nest and ran for his life to the cabin. The gorgeous sunset, sand in the bed, the day everyone laughed until they cried over......fill in the blank.

A vacation rental for two can be so romantic. Rent a cottage by the seaside or a rustic mountain cabin. The Oregon Coast and Mt. Hood are great places for a honeymoon.

North Oregon Coast

Central Oregon Coast

South Oregon Coast

Mt. Hood

Southern Oregon

Oregon Vacation Home Rentals in Specific Communities

These are Oregon Coast vacation rentals in specific communities. Many of them are ocean front and will give you a wonderful beach experience. Be sure to book your rental early in the year for the summer months if possible.


Cannon Beach




Lincoln City



Central Oregon Vacation Rentals

These vacation rentals in central Oregon will put you close to skiing, golf, and all the activities of the high desert. Some of these rentals are large enough for a family reunion. It is also possible to book two that are close together for very large gatherings like a wedding.




Black Butte Ranch

The United States Forest Service rents out some of its cabins at very affordable rates.  Most of these cabins are kind of rough and do not have  amenities but they are in unpopulated areas.  Check them out.

Vacation Rentals in Oregon