Upper Rogue River Camping

Upper Rogue River Camping in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains. These campgrounds are in the upper Rogue River area of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. They are all operated by the U. S. Forest Service and have all been in existence for a long time. Hence, the campsites are not set up for the larger RV's. Nevertheless, they offer a great camping experience.

Firewood is available for a campfire for a fee of $5. Many campgrounds have wheelchair friendly toilets. All have a picnic table and a fire ring at each site. A few have some sites that are pull through. None of them take reservations. Most have hiking trails that either begin at the campground or nearby.

Fish Lake (Photographer: ODOT)

This is a wonderful section of Oregon and is the one where I began my camping exerience as a child. I particularly have fond memories of fishing in Fish Lake. The woods in Southern Oregon have a different "feel" to them than those in the north west part of the state. It is a drier area and there is less ground vegetation to deal with. The air smells sweeter here.

Upper Rogue River Camping - Fish Lake

Doe Point Campground

Doe Point Campground is on the north side of Fish Lake. It has 24 sites for either tents or RV's and five sites for tents only. The RV sites have a paved apron which is approximately 12 feet by 48 feet. There are no pull through sites. Wheelchair accessible flush toilets are available and there are fresh water spigots throughout the campground. There is a grey water disposable area but no dump stations. All sites have a picnic table and fire ring. Firewood is available for a charge.

Mathew and Tracie

Some sites have a lake view and there is plenty of shade from the fir and pine trees for those hot afternoons. Fish Lake is a resevoir which is used for irrigation. Water levels can be low in August and September.

Fish Lake is good for fishing for rainbow and brown trout. There is no boat ramp and there is a 10-mile-an-hour speed limit. Rental boats are available at the nearby Fish Lake Resort where you will also find a restaurant and laundry facilities.

From Medford take Highway 62 north towards White City. Turn right on Highway 140 and continue until you reach Fish Lake. From Klamath Falls take Highway 140 past Lake of the Woods to Fish Lake.

Doe Point is open from May 20th through October 29th depending on snow levels. This is a first come, first serve campground. There is a $15 fee per night with maximum stay of 14 days. The day use fee is $5.

Fish Lake Campground

Fish Lake Campground is at Fish Lake but it is not on the lake. It has 15 sites for a tent or RV and one site for tent only. There are both vault and flush toilets available which are wheelchair accessable. Some sites are in the open and some shaded by pine and fir trees. The parking pads are partially paved and are approximately 15 feet by 38 feet. There are no pull through sites. All sites have a fire ring and table. Water spigots are scattered throughout the campground.

This is a first come first serve campground. It is open May 4th through October 15th. There is a $15 per day fee - maximum 14 continuous days. Day use - $5.

Fish Lake Resort is nearby where there is a restaurant, showers, boat rental, and laundry facilities.

See driving directions to Fish Lake at Doe Point Campground above. Once you are at the lake follow the signs.

 Rogue River and Crater Lake Camping

If you enjoy fishing, you will love upper Rogue River camping. You can fish for trout in the Rogue River itself and in the many small streams that feed it.

Upper Rogue River (Photographer: Michael Cummings)

Abbott Creek Campground

A campground for quiet upper Rogue River camping. Abbot Creek Campground has 24 tent and RV sites plus one site for tents only. Some sites are in open meadow and others are woodsy areas. All sites have a picnic table and a fire ring with grill. The apron sizes are approximately 12 feet by 50 feet. There are no pull through sites or hookups. All toilets are the vault type and none are wheelchair accessible. The only water available is from a handpump. The nearest dump station is in the town of Prospect. There are several grey water disposal sites throughout the campground.

Abbot Creek is open during the summer months only with opening and closing times depending on the snow pack. The fee is $10 per day with a 14 day maximum stay. Reservations are not available.

From Medford take Highway 62 to Prospect. From Prospect travel approximately 6.5 miles and turn left on Forest Service Road 68. From here it is about 4 miles to the campground.

Union Creek Campground

The Union Creek Campground is a good place to spend the night if you want to visit Crater Lake. The entrance to Crater Lake National Park is only 10 miles east. The campground has three loops with the middle loop being the best because it is a short walk to both Union Creek and the Rogue River. The loop to the right at the entrance has sites situated under maple trees. The other two loops have sites have both wooded and sunny sites. However, the loop to the left which is the largest has no water.

There are a total of 77 sites with 68 for both tents and RV's. Three sites have full hookups available. Fees for non-hookup sites are $11 per day. The hookup sites are $19 per day. These are actually outside the campground and can take any size RV. No reservations are taken.

Toilets are the vault type and are wheelchair friendly. Grey water disposal areas are throughout the campground. Fire rings and picnic tables are at each site. There is a day use area for those who just want to picnic.

As with all high Cascade campgrounds opening and closing times depend on the weather.

From Medford take Highway 62 to Prospect and continue on for 11 miles.

Rogue River Lava Caves (Photographer: jill-jellydonut)

Farewell Bend Campground

Farewell Bend Campground is also good if you want to visit Crater Lake as the entrance to the park is only 9 miles away. This campground with 60 sites is sandwiched between the Rogue River and Highway 62. It is divided into two sections. The section to the left at the entrance is the largest and some sites boarder the Rogue River. The middle part of this large section has the most privacy and the only wheelchair friendly toilet.

All toilets are flush toilets and there are ample water spigots throughout the park. All 60 sites are for either tent or RV and the parking pads are paved. The pads are approximately 14 feet by 50 feet. There are grey water disposal areas but no waste dump station.

Farewell Bend is generally open from May 15th through October 30th but the weather can interfere with those dates. There is a $16 per day charge and you can stay for a maximum of 14 days.

From Medford take Highway 62 to Prospect and then travel 12 miles to the campground.

Whiskey Springs Campground

Whiskey Springs Campground has 33 sites that are for either tents or RV's. Each site does have a tent pad. The camping sites are more private due to the heavy undergrowth and the large number of conifers. There are five pull through sites. Each parking pad is gravel and is approximately 14 feet by 45 feet. This is a no-reservation campground.

All toilets are the vault type and there are none that are wheelchair friendly. Water spigots are scattered throughout.

The rate is $10 per day with a 14-day limit.

From Butte Falls travel east on Highway 821 approximately nine miles. Turn left on Road 3065 and continue on for about a quarter of a mile. Turn left on Highway 3065-100. The campground is straight ahead.

Another campground near the upper Rogue River area is at Diamond Lake Oregon.

I hope you enjoy your Upper Rogue River Camping experience. You may also be interested in campgrounds on the middle Rogue River. Rogue River Camping

Upper Rogue River Camping