Seaside Oregon Hotels

Seaside Oregon Hotels. Seaside is the perfect place for a family vacation. Choose from several beach-front hotels in Seaside, Oregon.

Only an hour and a half drive from Portland, this Oregon Coast community is geared for entertainment. Play on the wide sandy beaches. Walk the long promenade. End the day with a night-time log fire on the beach with toasted marshmallows. Teenagers will love the arcades and Mom will enjoy the many boutiques.

A short drive south is Cannon Beach with Haystack Rock which is wonderful for exploring tide pools at low tide. Adjacent to Cannon Beach is Ecola State Park with spectacular views of the ocean and beaches both north and south. Stop at a grocery store for some food items because this is a wonderful place for a picnic. This is also an excellent place to take photos of colorful sunsets.

Farther south is Oswald State Park. After parking your car you walk half a mile through old growth forest with rippling streams to another of Oregon's beautiful beaches. This is another great place for a picnic. The beach is a favorite with surf boarders.

During school vacations Seaside's hotels fill up. It is best to make your reservations as early as possible.

Ocean View Seaside Comfort Inn Seaside Hillcrest Inn
Ocean View
Comfort Inn Boardwalk
Hillcrest Inn

Holiday Inn Express Seaside Inn at Seaside Rivertide Suites
Holiday Inn Express
Inn at Seaside
Rivertide Suites

Seaside Vacation Condos The Seashore Inn photo of me
Seaside Vacation Condos
Seashore Inn Seaside
Weiss Paradise Suites

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