Rogue River Boat Trips

Canyon of the Rogue River

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Rogue River boat trips are a great way for people of all ages to enjoy the beautiful Rogue River. This is something to definetly include on an Oregon family vacation.

You have several choices for your Rogue River boat trip:

A thrill you will remember for the rest of your life is a Rogue River whitewater rafting trip. It's not just the excitement of the whitewater rapids but also the gorgeous scenery and wildlife that you see. Whitewater rafting trips on the Rogue River take you through 36 miles of designated wilderness in the Wild and Scenic Area. These trips are also available with inflatable kayaks.

Guided rafting and kayak trips can be as long as three or four days with overnight stops where you either camp out or stay at a lodge.

Take a Rogue River Jet Boat Trip

Rogue River Jet Boat


If you don't have enough time for a three- or four-day trip or don't care about whitewater rafting, a Rogue River jet boat trip is the thing for you. There are three-hour and four-hour trips, all-day trips, lunch trips, dinner trips, and champagne brunch trips. You can start and end your trip from Grants Pass or Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast.

If you want to see the Wild and Scenic Area by jet boat, the Mail Boat is an excellent choice but it goes from Gold Beach to Agnes and back. There are no licensed jet boats that go into this area from Grants Pass or Galice.

Upstream From Agnes

Upstream from Agnes
Vertico Senz

I have wanted to make this trip since I was a little girl and that was before they had jet boats. The Mail Boat actually delivers the mail for the U. S. Postal Service to the tiny town of Agnes. There are no roads into this area so this is the only way people can receive or send mail. The boats have been delivering the mail for over 100 years to prospector's, homesteaders, and mountain men who were living in this wilderness. When you take this trip you will see things much as they were over a century ago: very few people, no electricity, no telephones, no gas powered vehicles (no roads), and abundant wildlife. It is a 64-mile trip with a stop for lunch in Agnes.

This is a wonderful trip for families because even very young children and babies can go.

Rogue River boat trips are a wonderful way to experience the river and see nature at its best.

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