Portland Trail Blazers Basketball

Watching a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game in the Rose Garden arena is an exciting experience. Especially with the Portland crowd of crazed basketball fans.

League: National Basketball Association (NBA), Western Conference, Northwest Division
Home games: Rose Garden
Season: October - April

Portland Trail Blazers Basketball

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While Portland has other sports teams, basketball is "the game" and Portlanders, actually Oregonians, support their team 100 per cent. When the team won the NBA Championship in 1977 the whole town went bazerk. The final game against the Philadelphia 76'ers was played in Portland. My husband was on a flight coming into Portland at the time and the pilot tuned into the game so passengers could watch. It was mayhem on board.

Portland was "Rip City" all the way. Portlanders started calling Portland Rip City in 1971 which was the Blazers first year. It was a home game against Portland's arch rival, the Los Angeles Lakers. Jim Barnett, a Blazer guard took a long distance shot that was unlikely to be successful and it went into the basket. Bill Schonely, the game announcer, exclaimed "Rip City! All Right!" and the name stuck.

Portland Trail Blazers Basketball

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If you wait until you are visiting Portland to get tickets for a game, you may be in for a disappointment. Some home games will be completely sold out and some will have tickets for standing room only. Get your Portland Trail Blazers tickets ahead of time. Tickets for playoff games go on sale just before each game and are sold out almost immediately. Your best chance of seeing a playoff game is at a sports bar.

The Rose Garden arena is located in the Rose Quarter of the Lloyd District on the east bank of the Willamette River just across from downtown Portland. Parking is $6 to $13 in four parking garages and two parking lots. If you are staying in a hotel in downtown Portland it will probably be easier to take the MAX light rail. It would definitely be cheaper. See Portland Transportation.

Portland Trail Blazers Basketball Schedule 2011-2012

Home Games

Portland Trail Blazers Schedule - November, 2011

Weds., Nov. 16, Chicago Bulls
Fri., Nov. 25, Utah Jazz

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Portland Trail Blazers Schedule - December, 2011

Fri., Dec. 2, Indiana Pacers
Mon., Dec. 5, Minnesota Timberwolves
Thurs., Dec. 8, Boston Celtics
Mon., Dec. 12, Sacramento Kings
Weds., Dec. 14, Toronto Raptors
Fri., Dec. 23, Phoenix Suns
Mon., Dec. 26, Los Angeles Clippers
Thurs., Dec. 29, New York Knicks

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Portland Trail Blazers Schedule - January, 2012

Fri., Jan. 6, Memphis Grizzlies
Sun., Jan. 8, Cleveland Cavaliers
Weds., Jan. 11, Orlando Magic
Tues., Jan. 24, Los Angeles Lakers
Fri., Jan., 27, Phoenix Suns

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Portland Trail Blazers Schedule - February, 2012

Weds., Feb. 1, Charlotte Bobcats
Sat., Feb. 4, Denver Nuggets
Mon., Feb. 6, Oklahoma City Thunder
Weds., Feb 8, Houston Rockets
Tues., Feb. 14, Washington Wizards
Thurs., Feb. 16, Los Angeles Clippers
Sat., Feb. 18, Atlanta Hawks
Tues., Feb 21, San Antonio Spurs

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Portland Trail Blazers Schedule - March, 2012

Thurs., March 1, Miami Heat
Sat., March 3, Minnesota Timberwolves
Mon., March 5, New Orleans Hornets
Tues., March 20, Milwaukee Bucks
Thurs., March 22, Memphis Grizzlies
Sun., March 25, Golden State Warriors
Tues., March 27, Oklahoma City Thunder
Thurs., March 29, New Orleans Hornets

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Portland Trail Blazers Schedule - April, 2012

Sun., April 1, Sacramento Kings
Weds., April 4, New Jersey Nets
Mon., April 9, Houston Rockets
Weds., April 11, Golden State Warriors
Fri., April 13, Dallas Mavericks
Weds., April 18, Utah Jazz

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