Portland Oregon Maps

The two Portland Oregon Maps below will help you find your way around the city.

The first map will give you an idea of the boundaries of the different sections in Portland. Anyone who has lived in Portland for any length of time knows what area you are talking about when you say Southeast Portland or North Portland but visitors do not.

The key to understanding where an address is in Portland is the Willamette River. The Willamette divides Portland in half from north to south. So when someone says East Portland they are talking about Portland east of the river. Likewise for West Portland--it is west of the river.

The other main dividing line is from east to west and this is Burnside Street. An address in Northwest or Northeast Portland is north of Burnside.

The second Portland Oregon Map is interactive. If you click on the plus sign, the map will enlarge.  You can see points of interest and even where you can catch the MAX lightrail and the Portland trolley.