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Find a Portland airport parking solution that fits your budget and is safe and secure.

While Portland International Airport offers excellent parking choices, it can be very expensive if you are going to park for more than a few days. The current prices are:

  • Long Term Parking Garage - $16 per day
  • Economy Parking - $10 per day with the seventh day free
  • Valet Parking - $30 per day
  • Motorcycle Parking is free
  • The Short Term Parking Garage is $3 per hour

The parking garage is connected by tunnel and sky bridge to the terminal so you don't have to be out in the rain, snow, or wind. The Economy Parking lots are quite a distance from the terminal but a shuttle bus will pick you up, take you to Departures, and take you back to where you are parked when you return. You just have to remember whether you parked in the red or blue lot. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for a shuttle either way but handling my luggage getting on and off is a challenge.

Fortunately there are other solutions to PDX parking.

Alternative Portland Airport Parking

There are several PDX airport parking companies with parking lots near the airport that charge much less than Portland International Airport. They offer safe and secure parking near the airport with 24-hour shuttle service. Some offer discount coupons to lower your cost even more and free air miles. Take a look at what these PDX parking companies have to offer:

Through Priceline you can get 10% off the posted price at some airport parking lots. Activities & services; Airport Parking, Ground Transfers, Tours, Attractions & Events.

Portland Airport Park and Fly Hotels

Another great PDX airport parking solution that works for a lot of people who are taking an early morning flight is staying at a hotel near the airport that offers park and fly. You park in the hotel's secure parking lot for up to two weeks and the hotel provides you with a shuttle to the airport departure terminal in time for your flight. When you return you just call the hotel and tell them you are back and they will send the shuttle for you.

Check out these top rated Portland Airport Hotels:

Portland Airport Parking