Paulina Lake and East Lake
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Paulina Lake and East Lake in Newberry Crater

Paulina Lake and its twin, East Lake, are located in the Newberry Crater or caldera in the Newberry National Volcano Monument south of Bend.

The two lakes are wonderful for camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and just plain relaxing. The lakes are fed by snowmelt and hot springs and are full of trout and sockeye salmon.

In the picture above you can see Paulina on the left and East Lake on the right with the lava flow from Newberry Crater.

Paulina Lake Hikes

The Paulina Lake loop trail follows the lake shore and is seven and a half miles long. You need to allow four hours for your hike. This trail is open for hikers only--no mountain bikes or horses are allowed. At the northeast end of the lake you will see hot springs bubbling up at the edge of the lake. If you have a shovel, you can damn up a little hot tub for yourself.

Three trails take off from Paulina Loop Trail:

Peter Skene Ogden National Scenic Trail parallels Paulina Creek and several small waterfalls. This trail is of moderate difficulty and rises 1,000 feet over 9.5 miles. It is open for horses and mountain biking although biking is only allowed on the upward trip (no downhill).

Crater Rim Trail is 21 miles long and is rated as difficult. This trail is open for hiking, horses, and mountain biking.

Little Crater Trail begins at Little Crater Campground. The trail is of moderate difficulty and is one and a half miles long. Mountain bikes are prohibited.

Paulina Lake Lodge

Paulina Lake Lodge


At Paulina Lake Lodge you will find:

  • a rustic lodge
  • rental cabins
  • restaurant with bar
  • rental boats and motors
  • fishing for trout and sockeye salmon
  • snowmobiling
  • cross-country skiing
  • snow-cat shuttles

The lodge is geared perfectly for fishing. You can rent both a boat and motor and you can buy your fishing license here. There is a full tackle and bait shop.

The restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday for both lunch and dinner. Over the Christmas holidays the hours are a bit different with the restaurant being closed for dinner on Christmas Eve. 

Paulina Lake Cabin


There are eleven rustic log cabins with from one to three bedrooms and one bathroom. The cabins have fully equipped kitchens and bedding and linens are provided. Firewood is included. These cabins are really nice inside.

You can buy groceries, sundries, and beverages in the general store. There is also a coffee barista.

The winter season is mid-December through March when snow is on the ground. The only way you can get into the lodge is by snow-cat shuttle from the 10-Mile Snow Park which is three miles away. You can rent a snowmobile or go on a four-hour snowmobile tour. There are 330,000 designated snowmobile acres for you to explore. This is also a wonderful place for cross-country skiing.

For more information and reservations call 1 (541) 536-2240.

East Lake Resort

Paulina Lake Dock

At East Lake Resort you will find:

  • fishing and swimming
  • boat rentals
  • cabin rentals
  • RV and tent campground
  • horse campground
  • espresso hut
  • grocery store and tackle shop


Paulina Lake from Bend, 23.5 miles south on Hwy. 97, then 12.9 miles east on Rd. 21.

East Lake from Bend, 23.5 miles south on Hwy. 97, then 18 miles east on Rd. 21.


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