Oregon Coast Camping

Beverly Beach, Newport

Oregon Coast camping is more popular than ever and the choices are almost endless. There are plenty of parks for tents or RV's. If you don't have a tent or a RV, you can rent a rustic cabin or a yurt.

These camp grounds are open year round. Yes, the Oregon Coast is stormy in the winter but that is the attraction. Those storms are fascinating to watch and it is after a storm that you will find the best beachcombing.

Oregon State Parks are very well maintained with park hosts on site. Firewood is available at most parks for a small fee.

So, what is a yurt? A yurt is a round, dome topped tent with a wooden floor, electricity, and a bed. They are more sturdy than a tent with canvas covered latticed sides. Some yurts even have bathrooms, a refrigerator, and sleep up to seven people. A picnic table and fire pit are provided. You bring the bedding, dishes, and food.

Beverly Beach State Park

The small rustic cabins available in some parks have similar amenities as the yurts. They come with electricity, beds, picnic tables, and fire pits.

Yurts and cabins are a great choice if you are travelling with children and are much more economical than a motel. Plus you get to wake up to the sound of the birds singing.

Camping sites include state, county, national, and private parks. Some are close to the beach and others are in the forest. Those that are close to the sand dunes around Florence cater to the "dune buggy crowd" while others cater to horse back riding and have corrals for horses. Can you believe it? Some parks have WiFi access. If you are looking for peace and quiet it is best to stay away from the dune buggy parks.

About half of the state parks take reservations and the rest are first come first serve. Reservations can be made on line or by phone.

Dogs are welcome in Oregon's state parks but must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet. If you are on a beach which is outside the boundaries of a state park, your dog does not have to be on a leash but you are responsible for the behavior of your dog.

There are areas that have been designated wildlife habitat and in these areas your dog must be kept on a six-foot leash and you must control the behavior of your dog in these areas. Also, in these areas you must stay on the wet sand with your animal.

Most state parks can accommodate RV's up to 50 feet. However, if you are towing your RV you need to include the length of your towing vehicle in that 50 feet.

Length of stay in a state park is 14 days. In order to stay longer you must leave for three days before you come back.

Oregon Coast camping sites:

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Oregon Coast Yurt Rentals

Oregon Coast camping is a great joy to many people. People who camped on the Oregon coast as younsters bring their children and their grandchildren to the same places so they can have this wonderful camping experience.

Learn about all the things to see and do on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Oregon Coast Camping