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Things To Do On The Oregon Coast

Your Oregon Beaches are popular every season of the year. From winter storm watching and beach combing in the winter to flying kites and building sand castles in the summer there is always something interesting to do.first paragraph ...

If you are wondering which Oregon beaches are best for certain activities, here are your answers.

Watching a Winter Storm on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Storm

Winter storms on the Oregon coast are spectacular. There is nothing better than curling up all snuggly warm in front of an ocea-view window with a crackling fire in the fireplace and watching the waves crashing on the rocks. Or packing up a hot thermos of coffee or hot chocolate and driving to a beautiful overlook to watch a storm roll in. Find out the best places on the Oregon Coast for watching a Winter Storm.

The Best Oregon Surfing Beaches

Surfer on Oregon Beach

You will find some pretty good surfing on Oregon beaches. If you are new to surfing, you need to know where to go and you will also need to know where to get the equipment you need. This is usually solved by taking a few hours of surfing lessons. There are surfing shops on the coast that have surfing schools set up to help you get started. Visit Oregon Surfing.

Finding a Glass Fishing Float on Oregon Beaches

Glass Blowing


It is just after a storm that you are most likely to find a Japanese glass fishing float. There are other kinds of fishing floats that are just as exciting to find. Two thousand colorful hand-blown-glass fishing floats are hidden on the beaches around Lincoln City every winter. If you don't find one, you can make your own at a glass blowing shop. Read about these colorful floats at Finding a Glass Fishing Float.

Clamming on the Oregon Coast

Digging Clams

There is nothing more enjoyable than eating a bucket of steamed clams or a plate of fried clams when you are at the coast. Catching them yourself makes it a supreme experience. Find out how to dig clams, when to dig, and where the best Oregon beaches for clam digging are. Read Clamming on the Oregon Coast.

Dungeness Crab - Oregon Coast Crabbing

Dungeness Crab

A plate of Oregon clams is good but a basket of Oregon crabs is even better. Catching crab on the Oregon Coast is easy and you don't have to have a boat. Find out how to fish for crab, where to go, and where to rent the equipment you will need. Read Oregon Coast Crabbing.

Whale Watching on the Oregon Coast

Whale Tail

Watching the whales migrate through the Pacific Ocean as they pass the Oregon coast is an awsome experience. The whales travel from Alaska to California and Mexico every year to have their young. Then they travel back to the colder water with their babies in the spring. The Oregon coast is a great place to watch this migration because there are lots of places where you can get up high on the cliffs above the water. Find the best Oregon beaches for Whale Watching.

Nye Beach

Nye Beach

Nye Beach in Newport is rather special because you can park you car in the parking lot and then walk directly onto the beach. This makes it easy for people with mobility problems to get sand between their toes and get up close to the ocean. This area is the old part of Newport and it has lots of good places to eat, sleep, and shop in one-of-a-kind boutiques and stores.

Best Beaches for Tide Pooling

Finding the ocean's little critters in the pools of water left on the beach when the tide is out is fun for the whole family. For good tide pools you need rock formations and not all beaches have them. Here are the best beaches for tide pools on the Oregon Coast and some safety tips as well.

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