Nye Beach in Newport

Nye Beach

Pat Kight

Out-of-town visitors often miss one of the most charming neighborhoods of Newport. Nye Beach is an historic area that has been revitalized in recent years. It is certainly one of the most romantic neighborhoods on the Oregon Coast. It is pedestrian friendly with ocean front parking and easy access to the sandy beach. You will find it just five blocks west of Highway 101 off NW Third Street. This is an easily accessible place for the handicapped.

Everything you want is here:

  • variety of lodging
  • shops and boutiques
  • casual dining
  • fine dining
  • a beautiful, easy to get to, sandy beach

My Favorite Shops

Shops in Nye Beach


The Cottage Door

Located at 258 NW Coast Street, The Cottage Door has casual home decor items, casual clothing, books, signs, and linens.


Halcyon is "A Gallery of American Treasures". It is located at 526 NW Coast Street. It specializes in indian carvings, paintings, inlay, jewelry, knotwork, and glass pieces.

Nye Cottage

This is one of my favorite shops. I love the Vera Bradley bags with their vibrant colors. The Vera Bradley soft luggage is nice also. Then, although I don't do bead work, I just have to look at all the beautiful beads. The shop also carries a large selection of very colorful, freezeproof ceramic garden pots It is located at 208 NW Coast Street.



This is a fabulous natural fiber clothing store--cotton, linen, and silk. The fabrics are the kind that you just have to touch and when you wear them, you feel luxurious. The shop is located at 704 NW Beach Drive.

This is just a small sampling of the many shops at Nye Beach. When it's time to take a rest and have something to drink and a treat there are two great choices.

Green Gables Espresso and Bakery

The coffeehouse and bakery are located in a Victorian Mansion which is also a bed and breakfast. It is just one block from the ocean and an easy walk from the shops. Have one of your favorite coffee drinks and a fresh baked pasty. They also have a new and used bookstore. You will find Green Gables at 156 SW Coast Street.

Nye Beach Scoop

You can also get an espresso and pastry here. But you can tell by the name that it is mainly an ice cream shop. They also serve piping hot bowls of soup. Good if what you need is to warm up. It is located at 613 NW Third Street.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Surf Nye Beach

Mark Bryant

Now there just isn't a better place on the Oregon Coast to have breakfast, lunch and dinner than in the Nye Beach neighborhood.


Italian, Mediterranian, and Northwest cuisine is what you will find at April's plus an oceanview. April's is open from 5 pm Tuesday through Sunday. It is located at 749 NW Third Street.

Cafe Stephanie

This is the place to go for breakfast in Newport. For later in the day there are fresh baked pasties, quiches, crepes, and fish tacos. They also serve espresso. Located at 411 NW Coast Street.

Sandbar and Grill

Here you can eat in the dining room or on the oceanview deck.

They are open for both lunch and dinner. On the menu you will find live crab, fresh caught fish, and Angus beef. The Sandbar is located at 722 NW Beach Drive.


Oceanview fine dining--white table clothes. The restaurant is in an old two-story house that has been converted. The menu reads like a big city gourmet restaurant and they deliver like a big city restaurant as well. From appetizers to entrees and finally dessert you are in for a taste treat. They even make their own ice cream. Open at 5 pm for dinner only they are located at 614 West Olive.

Village Market and Deli

This is a good choice for lunch. They serve soup, sandwiches, and salads. There is a good choice of cheeses and fine wines. You can take a nice bottle of wine back to your hotel for a relaxing evening. It is located at 741B NW Third Street.

There are lots of fun things to do in Newport, Oregon. Use this page to plan your trip before you go.

Nye Beach