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All of these Jacksonville Oregon bed and breakfast establishments are in historic houses. The bed and breakfasts below are a short distance from where the Britt Music Festival is held. Three of them are within walking distance of the Britt Park where the concerts are held.

Looking at pictures of these old houses brings back memories and gives me a feeling of nostalgia. I grew up in Jacksonville and I have visited three of them when they were just family homes.

My grandparents lived in the Bybee House during the 1920's. My grandfather managed the farm for Mr. Bybee and my grandmother did the cooking and cleaning. My Aunt's room was to the right of the top of the staircase at the front of the house. Downstairs across the hall from the dining room was the room reserved for Mr. Bybee only. I think this must have been the son of William Bybee who built the house around 1854.

My best friend when I was in the sixth grade, Elizabeth, lived in the McCully House. It was a beautiful home then but it is much nicer now.

The Touvelle House

There were three houses in Jacksonville, Oregon which I considered "grand" or maybe I should say the "best houses in town." The Peter Britt House which burned down, the Nunan House, and the Touvelle House.

The Touvelle House is located on Oregon Street only a couple of blocks from the main street which is named California Street. The driveway of the house is where the street that goes up the hill to the Jacksonville Cemetery begins.

The house is furnished in the craftsman style in keeping with its architecture. Most of the rooms are spacious and all have private baths. The house sits back from the street and there are lots of places to sit and enjoy the garden or you can go for a swim in the pool.

Coffee is available at 7:00 am and breakfast is served at 9:00 am. Tea is always available. There is a guest refrigerator on the second and third floor.

Read reviews and see availability.

McCully House Inn

The McCully House Inn is located on California Street. Everything you will want to visit in Jacksonville is only a few blocks away. There are four rooms with private baths available. All are decorated with antique furniture. The garden is surrounded by a white picket fence and is full of flowers including 85 different varieties of roses.

The McCully House website McCully House website gives you a good idea of what the house and rooms are like.

Bybee's Historic Inn

Bybee's Historic Inn is located on the edge of Jacksonville. It is an old farmhouse built around 1854 on what used to be the William Bybee farm. William Bybee was an early pioneer in Jacksonville.

The rooms are large and have private baths--some have jacuzzi tubs. One room has a private entrance. The entire house is richly decorated. If you do decide to stay here, see if you can take a peek at the vintage kitchen where my grandmother used to cook.

Read reviews and see more pictures.

Reames Country House

This is another historic Jacksonville home. Many of the rooms are suites where you have a sitting room and a bedroom. All rooms have a private bath. The Carriage House is separate from the main house and has a fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, and a private patio.

The house is on California Street. A Continental breakfast is served at McCully House a short distance west (see above).

To see pictures of this lovely bed and breakfast see Reames Country House website.

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