About Great Oregon Vacations

An Independent Oregon Travel Guide

Hi! Welcome to GreatOregonVacations.com

This is an independent online guide to travel in Oregon. There is no team of professional writers grinding out travel articles. There is no website design team or website marketing team. There is just me wanting you to enjoy Oregon as much as I do.

I lived in Oregon for most of my life.  I grew up in southern Oregon and lived mostly in Jacksonville, a historic gold rush boom town.  I kind of laugh when I see the men on Gold Rush panning for gold.  I was doing that just for fun when I was ten years old in the creek that ran through our back yard. As a family we fished in the rivers and lakes, saw Shakespeare in an outdoor theater in Ashland, played on the beaches at the Oregon coast, and never even thought about going anywhere else for a vacation.

I have actually lived in every major city on the western part of the state plus 25 years in the communities near Mt. Hood.  I had family living in eastern Oregon so lots of visits were made. This has given me the knowledge and experience of the wonderful things to see and do in Oregon.

I have always been fascinated by history which began with living in Jacksonville where I learned about the pioneers and what their life was like. My aunt and uncle owned an old homestead with an adjacent gold mining claim up the Applegate River.  They lived in a log cabin that had no electricity when they first moved there.  Some of my fondest memories are from the days spent there when I was a kid.

I have traveled all over the world and my home is now in England. A visit to Oregon is still my favorite vacation and keeping track of what is going on all over the state through Great Oregon Vacations is a labor of love. As I say on the homepage of this site -- The welcome mat is out. Visit Oregon and have the time of your life.